Instructor: Bardh Hoxha
Office: Eng A409E
Office Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 1PM - 2PM

Course Description

The second part of the 1-year capstone experience for Computer Science students. As part of a team, students will plan, design, and deliver a product/solution to a real-world problem mentored by industry experts.


  • Design and develop a modular robot that fulfills multiple functionalities based upon the user’s needs.

    The technology to be developed must be able to adapt to changing functional needs. Modularity is paramount, and therefore is to be emphasized throughout the entirety of the project lifecycle. Once software development is completed, the user should only be responsible for adding or removing parts from the robot, allowing the robot to gain or modify its functionality to meet a new need.

    The goal for this project is to develop the robot to fit a single use case and developing differing functions to accomplish this use case to meet modularity requirements.

    Mentor: Dr. Houssam Abbas - Postdoctoral research fellow at UPenn
  • There are a large number of systems and applications within Boeing Finance Systems. Organizing this information is useful in ensuring there’s a concise understanding of what and when systems and applications are being used.
    Mentor: Paris Forest - IT Director at Boeing
  • The goal of the team is to create an inventor portal for the Office of Technology Transfer at SIU
    Mentor: Dr. Michelle Chitambar - Senior Technology Transfer Specialist, Patent Agent at Southern Illinois University
  • The goal of our project is to generate tutorials and documentation that will walk a user through the process of creating non-trivial scripts for GPU processing in the BigDog Cluster.
    Mentor: Dr. Chester Langin - OIT Research Coordinator at SIU
  • qFlow seeks to optimize stochastic flow charts. Many systems can be modeled as networks of interconnected queues, from emergency rooms to communication in computer networks. It is, however, nontrivial to find optimal configurations for these systems, given factors such as cost and throughput. This project seeks to solve this optimization problem in a way that can be applied to many different fields.
    Mentor: Dr. Shahram Rahimi - Professor and Chair of Computer Science at SIU
  • The purpose of this project is to develop reusable framework for quick and easy development of mobile apps that associate a location with information about that location—and then give that location and information relevance to the “user.”
    Mentor: Olinda Hubbs - Strategic Communication and Innovation at SIU
  • This project is under a Non-disclosure agreement. This project was also already completed by the Potentia engineers. However, the old prototype was hastily made to meet a short deadline and is, therefore, full of software-breaking bugs. The challenge for the ITSS engineering team is to redesign this platform from the ground up. As we develop the platform, we will create intuitive user design dealing with site navigation, form input and validation, and multiple open-ended data visualizations. With a longer timespan and a dedicated team developing the new platform, we expect the project to be finished in the late spring of 2018.ipsun
    Mentor: Berardino Baratta - CEO at Potentia Analytics
  • Build a trading platform that facilitates the trade of used cars.
    Mentor: Dr. Dunren Che - Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs in CS at SIU
  • The goal of our project is to build a CAVE here at Southern Illinois University. A CAVE stands for cave automatic virtual environment. It is a type of virtual reality that immerses the user by creating a unique experience. Unlike traditional virtual reality, the CAVE is a room typically made up of projection screens that make the user feel as if they are actually in the virtual reality. What sets the CAVE apart from other types of virtual reality is that with the CAVE, the user actually has a sense of spatial awareness, and multiple people can be inside the CAVE at once. Our goal is to create a cost effective CAVE for the university, since traditional CAVE systems tend to be very expensive.
    Mentor: Dr. Christos Mousas - Assistant Professor of CS at SIU
  • The goal of the team is to extend the expressivity of the mission specification language of the UxAS framework developed by the Air Force Research Labs to automate UAV operations
    Mentor: Dr. Derek Kingston - Research Engineer at Air Force Research Laboratory
  • The problem at hand is that the way in which DxR Development Group currently handles the creation of instances of their Clinician software for customers is slow and involved. It requires not only that an employee make the sale, but also an IT member manually go into their server and run the creation scripts manually. They want to be able to get the Clinician instance up immediately and with no additional personal overhead. Our goal with this project is to create a web based application that will allow DxR employees to quickly and easily create and manage Clinician instances.
    Mentor: Robert Evans - Vice President of Product Development at DxR Development Group


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Special Needs

If you are entitled to extra accommodation for any reason (such as a disability), we make every reasonable attempt to accommodate you. However, it is your responsibility to discuss this with the instructor at the beginning of the course.

Academic Honesty

Work in this course, unless explicitly stated in writing to the contrary, is to be an effort by the individual student. It is not acceptable to use work other than your own without full attribution and acknowledgment. While you are welcome to discuss problems with others, it is not acceptable to discuss solutions with them. Depending on the severity of the infraction, penalties may include a grade of zero on the offending item, a grade of zero on the offending item and a reduction of the final grade by one full letter grade, a failing grade in the course with an indication of academic dishonesty. Such penalties might result in a requirement to withdraw from the university. If in doubt about anything related to academic integrity, see the instructor.